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Snapshot of Behind The Curtains Media, including history, milestones and current work:

  • Founded March 2014 in Brooklyn, NY
  • Have represented over 50 artists including Victorian Halls (Victory Records), Hail The Sun (Equal Vision Records), Survive This! (Epitaph Records), The Skulx, Flannel Mouth (SwitchBitch Records), all of the Blue Swan Records roster, and more. [View clients page]
  • Have hosted festival showcases including: two official CMJ showcases in NYC in 2014 (10.22 at Blackbears & 10.25 at Muchmores) and five in 2015. Hosted one SXSW showcase in 2015 [LINK] and two in 2016. [LINK]. We have also sponsored  SXSW showcases, including two in 2017. Hosted two Northside Festival showcases in 2015, five in 2016. [LINK]
  • Proudly partnered with Black Market Custom, SwitchBitch Records, Curt Mangan Strings, TJ Olsen Presents, Mr. Wizard Entertainment, Silverfox Percussion and Grover Percussion.
  • Supporters and participants of ‘Wear Your Music‘ (charity non-profit organization).
  • Pushed the release of Warped Tours’ “Rhode Island / Southern MA 2014 Compilation.”
  • Worked press for Warped Tour’s War Games / Self Made Co. in 2014.
  • Mike Abiuso (founder) interviewed by Haulix (Online Music Promotion Software).
  • Our artist Sulene landed an EMG sponsorship in 2014 and toured for Nate Ruess of Fun.
  • The Venetia Fair landed New Music Seminar’s “Artist on the Verge.”
  • Autocatalytica featured via Metal Hammer UK’s print magazine.
  • Manic Pixi interview and exclusive album release via Curve Magazine.
  • Began a working relationship with Victory RecordsVictorian Halls  in fall 2014. Victorian Halls received print coverage in Rock Sound magazine.
  • Began working with Blue Swan Records in 2015.
  • Radio Promotion department was added to our services in 2016.
  • BTCM artist covered and performed at 2016’s So What?!.
  • Began working with Epitaph‘s Survive This! in 2016. Survive This! featured in Heavy Music Magazine in 2016.
  • The Skulx featured in Warped Tour June 2016 edition of Alternative Press print magazine.
  • Will Wood & The Tapeworms premiere music video via Fangoria and single via  Horror Society
  • Manic Pixi premiere Iron Heart album via Noisey Vice
  • Echoic performs at 2016’s Mondo.NYC festival


We are Behind the Curtains Media, a boutique music publicity, radio promotion firm and recording studio based in Brooklyn, NY. We offer services to help artists of all levels achieve the attention they deserve and gain the plays and spins needed to top the radio charts. Personal relationships with our clients allow us to build custom campaigns from the ground up. We maximize artists’ reach in the music world while hand-picking outlets and tailoring campaigns to fit their needs and budgets. We have strong connections with many mainstream outlets through working and personal relationships. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, blending traditional and innovative methods to create successful campaigns that build credibility, buzz, and attention. With experience in both the music and publicity world, we can harness the best of both to meet your needs.


As much as we are huge supporters of the DIY ethic we believe that there are some journeys that an independent band or artist simply shouldn’t embark upon alone. One such journey is promotion and specifically radio promotion.

College and non-commercial radio stations receive hundreds of new music submissions every month (some receive that many each week!) and the bottom line is that they simply don’t have the manpower or resources to review every submission. The Music Directors and their review team(s) can only officially add 5 new albums per week and therefore have to decide which submissions get priority.  The way it works is that 9 times out of 10, priority is given to the albums that were serviced by record labels, PR companies, and radio promotion firms. Music directors understand that consistently promoting great music is our business, and because of our history and our relationships, they have come to expect a distinct standard of quality from companies like Behind The Curtains Media. In short, they depend on us to provide them with good music and appreciate that we have removed the ‘guess work’ from the equation. When they receive a package in the mail from BTCM, they know that the music will be of high-caliber, both creatively and technically.

Sure, you don’t have to hire a promotions company to promote your album but chances are it won’t get as much airplay or station support if you don’t. You can scour the internet for radio station addresses and the names of music directors, their phone numbers, and office hours, but how many truly independent musicians really have that kind of time? How many have the time to wake up every morning and make countless tracking calls or send follow-up emails to every station they mailed their CD? The answer is zero — independent musicians have to work for their living. They get up everyday and go to work just like everyone else, and are lucky to carve out an hour each night to write, practice, and manage their careers.

Our radio promotions team is here to manage the tedious, time-consuming, and (let’s face it) less-inspiring aspects of a band or artist’s musical career. We wake up everyday and go to work just like everyone else. The only difference is that our job is promoting your music.


We support and have worked with these companies.

Vans Warped TourCMJWear Your Music


We have endorsements with these companies that allows us to extend their benefits to our clients.

SwitchBitch RecordsBlack Market CustomMr. Wizard Entertainment newsilverfoxeditedCurt Mangan


clique vodkaGrover Percussion



Montauk Brewing Co