The Skulx 

Work is the wrong word to use when it comes to Behind The Curtains Media and what they do with and for artists. It is extremely refreshing to be talked to as a human and have people believe and fight for an artist. They are willing to reach out and get their hands dirty (very, very dirty), personally interact with bands and press outlets, making any involvement feel unique and important. I have only the upmost respect and admiration for their operation. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for BTCM and The Skulx! – Mathew of The Skulx and Cadaver Dogs


When working with BTCM, time and again I found that they took what I knew I was going for straight out of my brain before I could even formulate the words. I had an incredibly positive experience talking to both Alex and Mike on the phone whenever I had what I felt like might be too many questions, or had trouble understanding language in an email. They kept me updated every step of the way, before a launch and long after what it’s effects were in specific areas of the country. The personal touch these folks maintain made everything about the process enjoyable and informative. I’ll be coming back really soon. – Jake Ingalls of Spaceface and The Flaming Lips

Super Snake

Behind the Curtains Media went above and beyond what they said they would do for one of my bands. The entire team worked together and came through with far more than they had promised us when we signed with them for our campaign. Not only is their work effort amazing, they approach PR from a perspective that is different than a lot of companies. They understand the artists’ point of view and really push to emulate that. I will absolutely work with them again and will gladly endorse them. – Aneel – The Same Ghost Collective – Super Snake

Castle Black

From start to finish, I had an amazing experience working with Behind the Curtains Media for publicity on our EP.    I had heard their name around, and was really interested in working with them, after I saw the work that they did for other bands.     I was even more impressed when I realized that they truly believe in and love the music of all of the artists that they represent.    My early conversations with Mike and Alex were super informative and never sales-y.  They made sure all of my questions were answered and were always available should other questions come up.    As they are located in Brooklyn, I was able to meet Mike, Alex and Hanna before the campaign even began.    Hanna was really awesome to work with as our campaign manager.  She is really on top of things, organized and communicative, and went above and beyond what we expected from the campaign.    We were really happy with the premieres that she secured for the album, and with the different opportunities that she was able to organize for us.  BCTM has a really close-knit, family type of vibe that that just makes working with them so different and refreshing.   It felt more like working with friends, ones who actually know the business and know what they are doing.   We plan to continue our relationship with them as we release other albums, as they feel like an integral part of our team.” – Leigh Celent of Castle Black


Alex Pastuhov, Jackie Lain, and the Behind the Curtains Media team have helped us in our musical journey way more than we anticipated! I admit I was skeptical about radio promotion and getting other people to help us, I’m normally a DIY kinda guy. But not only did they get our songs onto radio stations across the country, they’ve gotten us in-studio shows, interviews, and spots in festivals, like SXSW. They also proved how incredible it is to have people just as passionate about your music helping you move forward. They are true friends who really believe in the artists they promote and they are great at doing it. – Scott Hermo of Boyscott

Will Wood & the Tapeworms

Working with Behind the Curtains Media has proven to be a major turning point in my career as a professional noisemaker. The team works very directly with artists it enthusiastically represents, and is willing to go the extra mile. They honestly believe in the people they work with, and that’s more than you can say about any of those other insects out there wearing human flesh like Loro Piana and wielding false promises of bright futures coated in translucent glaze and sequined tassels- God almighty for those of you out there sick of those inbred handshake jockeys who will buy you dinner at Old Man Rafferty’s, take your money, and run to Punta Cana— the people at Behind The Curtains Media are a different breed. Mike Abiuso will take good care of you and you won’t have to do that thing with your mouth anymore.
Will Wood

Hail The Sun

Mike and Behind the Curtains thrive on getting bands they work with as much publicity as they can, not to mention Mike is just a badass. Save the headache and work with these dudes!!” – Donovan Melero of Hail The Sun (Equalvision Records)

Victorian Halls

We’ve worked with Behind The Curtains Media for a while now, they are very attentive and responsive. They have long standing relationships with PR outlets, management firms, bands, etc., which tells me they are not in the business of burning bridges, but rather strengthening connections. They have successfully executed everything we put on their plate…We look forward to filling it again. – Sean Lenart of Victorian Halls (Victory Records)


Alex and Mike at Behind The Curtains Media were a pleasure to work with. They were able to push our music to a large audience that would not have heard of us otherwise. It takes a lot of work to promote an album across such a vast network of radio stations. BTCM gave us very comprehensive reports and always had open lines of communication. They made the experience fun and exciting. I would definitely recommend working with this team to promote your next release. Coy Leach (manager of CrumbSnatchers)

Wild Sun

Working with Mike and Behind the Curtains Media takes the guesswork out of getting your music heard by a wider audience. With each release we have thrown at them, they took a tailored approach for our specific goals and delivered with awesome results! We had giant question marks over our heads with our debut release, but BTCM was approachable and enabled us to focus on making music and playing shows, while their work got us featured on several review sites, blogs, radio spots, and festival showcases. Great people who do great work! – Glenn Kendzia of Wild Sun


Michael and his team at Behind The Curtains Media have been absolutely exceptional to work with. In such a saturated industry, having a good publicist is key. BTCM has the tools and people in place to work with your band and help you grow it the way you want to and reach a broader audience.” – Andrew Wells of Eidola (Blue Swan Records)

War Games

Being in band can be a lot to handle. Between juggling scheduling, touring, working, promoting and organizing release dates, the guys at Behind The Curtains Media make our lives easier to manage. With my band currently in the studio recording two albums, time is in short supply. Due to this, we don’t always have the time to reach markets nationally and globally. That’s where Behind the Curtains come in. While we finish the element we are best at, the music, BTCM handles spreading our work to the masses. With their help we have reached markets not only across the country, but also around the world. This is fantastic, because while you can make all the music in the world, if no one hears it, it can’t spread the hope and message we hope to convey to our listeners. Thanks to the great work of BTCM, this is possible.” – Kyle Therrien of War Games

Wendigo Tea Co.

It is great working with Behind The Curtains Media. I email them about some crazy idea or product for my company and they somehow every time make an elegant and well thought out press campaign out of it.” – Sky White of Foxy Shazam and Founder/CEO of Wendigo Tea Co.

The Venetia Fair

We’ve worked with Behind The Curtains Media on a number of campaigns, and I’ve been nothing but impressed with their tactical approach and aggressive attitude – these guys get results, bottom line!” – Jake Weinreb (Manager of The Venetia Fair)

Rocket Ship Resort

For my latest EP, Mike and Hanna constantly came up with new ways of finding partners, friends, and potential leads to get my album in all the places it would shine[… they effortlessly “got” what I was going for, set a perfect tone for a campaign, and practically did backflips to fit it all under the budget we set. I went in for just a little bit of help, but Behind The Curtains provided an absolute swath of opportunities for outreach every single day (and then some), letting me focus on what I really wanted: the music. It’s left a lasting effect, and what can I say; they’re good dudes, and they know what they’re doing.” – Skye Meredith of Rocket Ship Resort

The Record Podcast

Behind The Curtains Media was a great way to get my podcast out into the world in its infancy. Having some websites talk about and promote the show helped give it legitimacy to people who otherwise might’ve thought it was amateur or not worth checking out. I appreciate the work that the team did and would definitely recommend them.” – Nick Vombrack of The Record Podcast and Dr. Manhattan

Zero Holds

It was a pleasure working with Behind The Curtains Media for the release of our debut EP. The campaign that Mike and Hanna created for us was tailored directly to our style, and dropped us hard onto the scene. The momentum and hype that they helped us build through press releases, email blasts, and strong social media game really paid off as the EP was released and we had countless mentions in blogs and radio, big and small, to bolster our live debut. Couldn’t be happier with the results of our stint, and we will be back with our new music and other endeavors for sure.” – Joe Touchette of Zero Holds

Andrés / Terra Alive

Behind the Curtains Media have proven to be more than just a prominent PR agency, but a team of passionate people who deliver exactly what their clients need, in order to receive the attention their music deserves. The first time I had BTCM promote one of my music videos, I was seeing my video on numerous music blogs and social media sites DAILY. No one has ever put as much time and effort into creating momentum for a release. I thoroughly trust BTCM with all my promotional needs, they have never let me down!” – Andrés,  formerly of Terra Alive

Lauren Strange

The Behind The Curtains Media team is a pleasure to work with, and was instrumental in my successful independent release of my second EP. They provided personalized, prompt attention, and make you feel like a million bucks. They offered a tailor-made buzz-building campaign for my band and I couldn’t be happier with the results! – Lauren Strange


Behind The Curtains Media is the real deal. There are a lot of leeches in the music industry, but BTCM is truly looking out for you and knows how to get your music in front of the right people. The attention and energy they had during our 7″ release was unprecedented. It is truly a pleasure working together.” – Daniel of Cosmonaut

The Shagoolies

The Behind The Curtains Media team bought me a drink and next thing I knew, I was pregnant. No, but really, when we launched the campaign for The Shagoolies, we only had our friends to help us spread the word since everything was out of pocket. Behind The Curtains Media was the only company to step up to the plate and give a helping hand when we really needed it. It was a pleasure to have the team dedicate that much time and effort to our project.” – Jesse Korman of The Shagoolies and The Number 12 Looks Like You

The Grape & The Grain

My experience with Behind The Curtains Media so far has been nothing short of amazing. Mike and Hanna have been on the ball since day one. They have had great ideas for us, and they work hard to keep things moving in the right direction. – Daniel Grimsland of The Grape & The Grain


As an artist in today’s music industry, it can be difficult to juggle the many roles forced upon you. Thanks to Behind The Curtains Media, Ramsey was able reach the next level and obtain a national and international audience. Moreover, we were 100% confident that we had the best and hardest working advocates handling our PR. I have no doubt that most of our success as a band, which included appearing in major publications like Alternative Press, Absolute Punk, and Property of Zack, as well as playing Warped Tour 2013, helped us accomplish things in months that most bands spent years on. With Behind The Curtains Media, you aren’t just a client, you’re family.” – Chris Hampton of Ramsey

Kiss Kiss

Behind The Curtains Media helped our project get a few radio spots and online press. They were a valuable resource and we appreciate the work they put into spreading the word about our re-release.” – Josh Benash of Kiss Kiss

Flannel Mouth

Publicity is an often-overlooked realm of the music industry; most bands assume attention is gained solely by writing catchy singles and solid albums. Behind the Curtains showed us how important it is to not only be able to put our foot in the door, but also to knock first and be unafraid to turn a few heads. We have attained some national attention and interaction utilizing Behind The Curtains Media’s services, and we truly feel as though we owe them the vast majority of our success in media, both printed and online. Behind the Curtains is run dynamically, enthusiastically, and with a reckless caution that makes every artist on its roster feel like they are being taken seriously and pushed in all the right directions. There is no better feeling than putting out your best music and knowing you have the resources to attract the attention it deserves, and Behind The Curtains Media is the way to make that happen.” – Tyler Owen of Flannel Mouth

The Wicked

As a solo artist, things aren’t always a piece of cherry pie. Doing things on my own musically is what I prefer, but when it comes to anything else it’s very difficult. Behind The Curtains Media has been super helpful for my career, because while I’m trying to write and create more, they do the things that are hard for me to do at the same time. They make things very easy to manage when all I’m trying to do is get music out to people. My creative flow is important to me, because all I am is a busy singer-songwriter. I need to utilize a lot of my free time […] to create, or I will go absolutely insane. It’s hard for me to also, on top of that, manage publicity as well. That’s where Behind The Curtains Media comes in handy. All I need is a little help, and they are pros at that! Thanks to them, the songs I write in the corner of my bedroom become songs people can actually listen to. I am grateful for that.” – Janele Arlene Mystique of The Wicked


Behind The Curtains Media gave us great results for Sulene’s ‘Holding Words Back’ EP PR campaign. They are extremely organized and responsive, and in the end we were covered on dozens of blogs alongside some radio coverage. Not bad for a debut EP!” – Matt Sokol (Manager of Sulene)

Agree to Disagree

If there was anything you need to invest in to make your release succeed, it’s great PR. Behind The Curtains Media really helped our full length get more attention than we would’ve been able to on our own. What definitely helped, and what is great about them, is that they will work with any budget to get your music noticed and heard by more people.  Behind The Curtains is definitely the best investment to make.” – Bobby Magnell of Agree to Disagree 

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