1/24/17 – Spaceface Radio Add

SPACEFACE – Spaceface Sun KidsSun Kids
(For fans of: Dr. Dog, Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, Holy Wave, The Flaming Lips)

CMJ Add date: 1/24/17
NACC Add date: 1/24/17

Label: Self-released
FCC warning: NONE (all songs are FCC compliant)
Focus tracks: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10

“In the digital age, there is a new band on the radar every week, and it’s hard to find anything that stands out. But in a pool of up-and-coming bands that blend together, Spaceface has fused psychedelic rock ‘n roll with pop in a way that makes them – dare it be said – unique. But it isn’t just bassist Matt Strong and drummer Victor Quinn Hill’s groovy rhythm section, Eric Martin’s washed out guitars, Jake Ingalls’ trippy vocals or Peter Armstrong’s spacey keyboards that will pull you in. When Spaceface loads in for a show, they don’t just bring their gear. A Spaceface show is as much a production as it is a performance. The band has stolen the light show typical of an arena rock act and made it their own in hopes that they can give show goers the most for their money.” 
-Josh Cannon, The Memphis Flyer

Spaceface band

Spaceface is a psychedelic rock band from Memphis, TN. Formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Jake Ingalls, bass player Matt Strong and guitarist/vocalist Eric Martin, the 3 principal members have known each other since early childhood and began to share their songs with one another while living together during college. Just one year later the group began recording and performing live. From the beginning Spaceface has endeavored to craft music that is as catchy as it is transportive. Taking a cue from bands like White Denim, Tame Impala and Dr. Dog, the band takes classic pop song structures and stretches them out to insert their own brand of acid washed psychedelia within.

After a few short tours opening for Stardeath and White Dwarfs, the trio realized they needed to add a few players to expand their sonic reach. They then added drummer Victor Quinn Hill to the line up, whose bombast and machinist-tight rhythm mixed with Strong’s bass in a way that is guaranteed to make you move. The songs were then expanded by textural key arrangements provided by Ingalls, then performed and embellished upon by Daniel Quinlan and Peter Armstrong. Frontman Jake Ingalls also plays in the seminal psychedelic band The Flaming Lips, serving first as a roadie and then a touring member of the group playing guitar, keyboards and lending his vocals live. The influence shows on their debut album “Sun Kids”. Ingalls says the album is meant to sound like a band lost in time. You know, the one you find in the used bin of your local record store from 1974 that just missed you for some reason or another. The songs were written for a full band arrangement between both Flaming Lips and Spaceface tours, then vigorously road tested before being recorded all together in one week late nights in December of 2015 at Jody Stephens of Big Star’s Ardent Studios in Memphis,TN. Ingalls then took the songs to Norman, Oklahoma where they were co-produced and mixed by Jarod Evans who first agreed to work with Spaceface on their 2012 self titled EP after a week of live recording in Wayne Coyne’s Pink Floor Studios. Evan’s sticky rich analog production oozes ear candy for both the casual listener and the watchful audiophile.