Space4Lease release dreamy single “Drifting,” Premiered on Idobi

A dreamy and introspective journey of love, heartbreak and acceptance in their second single


For Fans Of: Citizen Cope, My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala, The War On Drugs, older Muse

OKLAHOMA CITY | July 28, 2017 –  A sonic transcendence of raw emotions, Space4Lease‘s new single “Drifting” will take you on a passionate journey of love, heartbreak and acceptance. The track was released today, after premiering on Idobi earlier this week, who said, “You’ll be ‘Drifting’ from an intense love of the track to a deep reverie only music like this can inspire.”

“Drifting” comes as the second single in a series of new tracks from the band, which they plan to release as an EP this fall. Singer Grayson Hamm provided further insight on the track, “‘Drifting’ is a song speaking on the uncertainties and frustrations on what we perceive as love. More times then not, it amounts to heartbreak and disappointment. Ultimately, I believe it is wholly acceptable to experience these emotions because it shows that we are inherently sentient beings. We can only use each of these experiences as a lesson for the next relationship that one hopefully encounters. Above all else, we need to have the persistence to keep searching.”

Hamm noted that the song stems from his personal experiences and relationships, but was not written in reaction to a specific encounter, with the song’s inspiration coming from self-reflection. “The intentions of this song come from a place of trying to find yourself after a failed relationship, accepting it for what it is and moving on. It is partially a self reflection, but I feel like it has the capacity to speak to all listeners.” He hopes listeners walk away with a sense of familiarity, empathy and connection, as well as inspiration to move on.

“Maybe there is someone better for you out there, and holding onto your previous relationship is only preventing you from finding this person,” Hamm reflects. “I see this song as an opportunity to find yourself. Like many others, I am still trying to do so… The most important thing I can say in relation with “Drifting” is that we have to be comfortable and confident in who we are individually before taking that next step of being with someone else. Often times, we rely far too much on our significant other to bring us happiness instead of depending on ourselves to bring that sense of self-happiness. So my friends, just keep Drifting with no thoughts no concerns and remember to be happy with yourself. There is someone out there for all of us, we just have to keep searching and more importantly continue to grow as individuals.”

The song came together quickly for the band; Hamm wrote the the track in a matter of days and upon sharing it with the rest of the band, it grew far beyond his initial expectations. Normally song-writing on piano, he temporarily stepped away from the process for this song, seeking the need to incorporate “relaxing, easy rhythms and textures that are intended to chill you out. In a sense, a sound that makes you feel that everything is going to be alright.” Both “Drifting” and the band’s first single “Must Be Something” are now availble for stream and purchase on BandcampiTunes and all major digital platforms.

Space4Lease promo photo Lacey San Nicolas

Biography: SPACE4LEASE is a psychedelic indie-rock band, ready to lure you in and wash over you with waves of musical seduction. Inspired by lost love, the grace of the unknown, and inevitable life experiences, their music is full of soul-leaning vocals, intricate guitar melodies, expressive bass lines, and eloquent drum patterns, all driven by frontman Grayson Hamm’s tasteful piano playing. Formed out of Oklahoma City, OK, the four-piece’s sound draws influence from artists such as Tame Impala, My Morning Jacket, and upcoming artists like Big Thief, and Andy Shauf. They pride themselves in remaining elusive to the confines of any one genre, and have worked hard at developing their own musical identity and sonic aesthetic.

The story of SPACE4LEASE originated in 2014, when keyboardist Grayson Hamm met the other members while attending the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. Coming from vastly different musical backgrounds and tastes, the group formed as a unique convergence of influences. They released their first EP Hiraeth in November 2016, a collection of songs encompassing a journey of self-discovery. Buoyed by a blossoming local music scene, the band quickly became known in the Oklahoma region and have toured extensively throughout the Midwest. Derek Brown of The Flaming Lips, described them as, “Fellow Okies that wonderfully mix the blissfulness and melancholy of the great wide open. Highly recommended!” With the fantastical glamour of psychedelic pop influences, but enough grit and grime of grounded originality, SPACE4LEASE is like no other in their blend of refreshingly authentic and enticing music that will draw you close, and hold you tight.


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