• Public Representation
  • Digital, Radio, TV, and Print Media Outreach
  • Reputation Management and Monitoring
  • Tour Publicity and Strategy Planning
  • College & non-commercial radio promotion
  • Online Promotion and Marketing
  • Online Consulting of Social Media, Websites, & Press Kits
  • Graphic Design (band logos, social media visuals, customized press release visuals, and more.)

What makes us stand out from the others?


  • By-the-project or by-the-month campaigns. We will advise the best rate and options based on your needs and budgets.
  • Customized outreach. Every press release is created and geared towards all aesthetically fitting outlets (there are no generic blanket emails to all outlets). We have over 5000+ contacts in our database, and are constantly expanding.
  • Thinking outside of the “Music Box.” We also acknowledge musicians’ ways of life and coordinate unique features to maximize visibility (ex: LGBT, tattoo, politics, vegan, muscle, etc. media outlets).
  • Pride in our work, artists, and relationships with outlets. Mike of BTCM is a fellow musician (formerly of The Venetia Fair) and has a variety of personal connections with outlets built through years of interviews, phone calls, and festivals. Hanna majored in PR and is up to date with the most effective ways to take on representation and exposure in meaningful, responsible ways. Alex has worked in radio promotion for years and has established strong connections with DJs and Music Directors at radio stations all across the country.


  • Radio Promotion track record. Every single release that our radio team has promoted has received significant airplay and Top 30 chart support from college and non-commercial radio stations all across the US and Canada!
  • Connections! We work with over 400+ college and non-commercial radio stations all across the US and Canada!
  • Physical & digital radio campaigns! Even if you don’t have physical CDs for us to mail out to radio, we offer extremely effective digital-only radio campaigns geared towards stations that have an efficient system for processing and adding digital music submissions.


  • Get your music to the people – with meaningful, targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube.
  • Monthly retainers for large-scale advertising, or by-the-project rates for specific goals.
  • Increasing your follower numbers on Facebook and all social media platforms can help engage and attract media, increase support during PR/radio campaigns, and aid in show booking!
  • Suggestions, tips and tricks for improving your organic reach and overall social media presence with profile reviews.