Radio Promotion

  • Connections with over 400 college and non-commercial radio stations in the USA. Regionally these are stations on the east coast, west coast and literally all points in between. We service tastemakers stations like KEXP and KCRW, as well as the smaller but still influential stations like WUOG in Athens, GA and KVRX in Austin, TX. The bottom-line is that our campaigns cover a lot of ground!
  • Both physical mailing campaigns and digital-only style campaigns. Yes, CDs may seem old-school but one market where those shiny little discs still hold relevancy is at college and non-commercial radio! And for the bands and artists that don’t have physical CDs, we offer the option of a strictly digital campaign, where the music is serviced to the radio stations as a digital download. We have a great system in place for servicing Music Directors with digital submissions, and while digital campaigns are not a replacement for the traditional CD campaigns, they are still a very effective tool for getting your music played at radio on an indie-friendly budget!
  • Weekly Tracking Reports! It’s one thing to send your music to radio, but the importance of following-up with the Music Directors and tracking the progress of your submission cannot be understated. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Tracking Reports are included in All of our radio campaigns. We keep you up-to-date every step of the way!
  • In-studio interviews and performances. One fantastic way to capitalize on all the airplay and station support that your album is receiving is by taking the connection one step further and booking an in-studio interview or performance! In-studio’s offer a great opportunity for you as a band or artist to engage with the people that are supporting your music on a whole new level. This is particularly important for touring bands.
  • Genre specific radio campaigns. We work with ALL kinds of music. If it sounds good and we believe in it’s potential then we will promote it! So whether you’re trying to get more exposure for your Ritual-Metal band or your avant-garde Klezmer trio, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes it’s the most ‘left of center’ bands that end up having the most success at college and non-commercial radio! See what artists we’ve promoted to college radio by visiting our radio adds reports.

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If you have unreleased material, be sure to check out our Publicity / PR services. Be sure to check out our new Spotify Promotion too!

We also offer DIY Radio Campaigns! While we would love nothing more then to work with you, we understand that sometimes the money just isn’t there. We fully support the DIY ethic and encourage all bands to take matters into their own hands when the situation calls for it. For that reason, we offer DIY radio campaign packages that provide bands and artists with the tools to take control of their own promotion. It’s simple, affordable and effective! For a small fee we will send you everything you need to manage your own promotional campaign. Giving you, the busy artist, the freedom to do things on your own time, when you’re ready.

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Radio is still a widely popular and hugely influential tool in promoting your music. It is true that times are changing, but radio is adapting to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world – with online streaming, podcasts and more. In particular, college radio is run by students who are open-minded and eager to hear what the up and coming artists have to offer – these students are also the next generation of tastemasters. In short, it’s clear that radio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – and it’s a crucial tool to consider for your music promotion!

Why go with our professional radio promotion services? College and non-commercial radio stations receive hundreds of new music submissions every month (some receive that many each week!) and the bottom line is that they simply don’t have the manpower or resources to review every submission. The music directors and their review team(s) can only officially add 10 new albums per week and therefore have to decide which submissions get priority.

The way it works is that 9 times out of 10, priority is given to the physical albums that were submitted by record labels, PR companies, and radio promotion firms. Music directors understand that consistently promoting great music is our business, and because of our history and our relationships, they have come to expect a certain standard of quality from companies like Behind The Curtains Media. In short, they depend on us to provide them with good music and appreciate that we have removed the ‘guess work’ from the equation. So when they receive a package in the mail from BTCM, they know that the music will be of a  high-caliber, both creatively and technically.

Sure, you don’t have to hire a promotions company to promote your album but chances are it won’t get as much airplay or station support if you don’t. You can scour the internet for radio station addresses and the names of music directors, their phone numbers, and office hours, but how many truly independent musicians really have that kind of time? How many have the time to wake up every morning and make countless tracking calls or send follow-up emails to every station they mailed their CD to? The answer is practically zero — independent musicians have to work for their living. They get up everyday and go to work just like everyone else, and are lucky to carve out an hour each night to write, practice, and manage their careers.

Our radio promotions team is here to manage the tedious, time-consuming, and (let’s face it) less-inspiring aspects of a band or artist’s musical career. We wake up everyday and go to work just like everyone else. The only difference is that our job is promoting your music.