4/11/17 – George Morris Radio Add

George Morris EPGEORGE MORRIS – George Morris EP
(For fans of: Meatbodies, Ty Segall, BORNS, Fruit Bats, King Tuff)

NACC Add date: 4/11/17

Label: Self-Released
FCC Warning: NONE (All songs are FCC compliant)
Focus Tracks: ALL


“Boasting a mix between experimental synth pop, classic Beatles-esque songwriting and glam rock, the highly distinct and stylized vocal talents of Morris are a thing of otherworldly allure.”

“This is George Morris’ third solo release since leaving Satin Peaches, and it is clear that he keeps learning from each album. As a result, we have an album close to perfection. Working with producer Zach Shipps (Electric SIx, Mood Elevator, Atomic Numbers), Mr. Morris has assembled a strong album with his best lyrics to date.” – Spill Magazine

“George Morris blends synth pop and glam rock with ease on his new self-titled release, creating something dreamy, smooth and incredibly easy to listen to. Instrumentally, these eight songs are striking – simplistic when they need to be and then incredibly complex in the blink of an eye – but what will certainly grab listeners’ attention are Morris’ unique and striking vocals, which sound otherworldly on this release.”
– The Prelude Press

“With the release of his eponymous release, ex Satin Peaches front man George Morris has thrown his cards on the table and created a mellow, lyrically driven and well thought out  record that falls right in line with the diverse sounds that Detroit has”
– The Front Row Report

“George Morris has stricken gold by finding the perfect balance between moody indie music and familiar yet refined pop sensibilities, and this is in large part due to his extremely distinct voice.” – The Hook

George Morris

Raised by musical parents, George Morris was born to write and perform music. He began making an impact on the Detroit music scene in the mid 2000’s with the Satin Peaches. In summer 2007 the Satin Peaches were included in the lineup of Lollapalooza. The band gained international exposure when they hooked up with Oasis manager Marcus Russell and signed on with the major label Island Records. Citing “lack of collaborative inspiration” the band called it quits in 2010 and George immediately focused on writing new material, expanding his guitar chops, piano skills and strategizing the next move. In 2012 he recorded a solo record entitled Organ Solos. Following Oragn Solos, was his second solo release We Will Go To Hell For This. With a solid live lineup featuring Helena Kirby, Zach Pliska, Doug Diedrich, and Ronny Tibbs, known as the Gypsy Chorus, George Morris is now ready to continue his musical quest with renewed spirituality, passion and a zest for finding the perfect musical soundtrack for our human experience.