1/31/17 – Dolly Spartans Radio Add

DOLLY SPARTANSDolly Spartans Time Sides With No One
(For fans of: Together Pangea, The Strokes, Twin Peaks, Arctic Monkeys)
CMJ add date: 1/31/17
NACC add date: 1/31/17

Track list
1. When The Wheels Stopped Moving
2. Hanging Out
3. I Hear The Dead
4. It’s Not Easy
5. Time Sides With No One

Recommended tracks: ALL
FCC Warning: NONE (All songs are FCC compliant)
Label:  Blue & Lucky Records


Dolly Spartans are a garage-rock, pop band from New York boasting sophisticated instrumental work and immediate, unforgettable melodies. Their new EP, Time Sides With No One, showcases a maturation in the band’s songwriting and arrangements while still maintaining the pop sensibility, energy, and addictiveness that we loved in the first EP.
“My favorite EP of the year”Matt Pinfield-MTV, KFOG