9/26/17 – Marvelous Mark Radio Add

Marvelous Mark – Crushin’ 
(For fans of: Wavves, Teenage Fanclub, Weezer, Big Star, Superchunk)

NACC Add date: 9/26/17

Track List

  1. Silhouette
  2. I Dunno
  3. Doin’ Fine
  4. Would You Believe
  5. Stay A While
  6. Sun Goes Down
  7. When I’m Without You
  8. Under the Rain

Focus tracks: ALL
FCC Warning: NONE (all songs are clean)
Label: Drunken Sailor Records

Mark Fosco, AKA Marvelous Mark, got his first leg up in the Toronto music scene through his involvement with the blown-out punk ‘supergroup’ Marvelous Darlings, which included members of No Warning and Fucked Up. The band had a brief life, but in that time managed to release a total of ten records, including eight 7” singles and two full length LPs on various labels around the world, amassing a rabid cult following. In the wake of the band’s demise, Fosco continued to work with lead singer Ben Cook (Fucked Up) on several projects, most notably Roommates, who released several cassette singles and a 7” single on California label Slumberland Records, as well as Cook’s own Young Guv solo project.

In 2013, Fosco and Cook began a collaboration, writing and recording what would become “Ripe 4 Luv”, the Polaris Prize nominated Young Guv debut album. At that time, Fosco also starting writing and recording songs which would come to make up the first two Marvelous Mark releases, the Bite Me/Paralyzed single (Bad Actors Inc.) and the Husband Material EP (Burger Records). Following the underground success of both releases, Fosco was approached by England’s Drunken Sailor Records to release a 7” EP of new material, also titled Bite Me, as well as a full length album. In September of 2015, Fosco quit his job and spent five weeks recording – in his rehearsal space, friends’ basements and his bedroom – the songs which would become his debut LP, Crushin’. The record was a critical success, and was quickly followed by a vinyl collection of previously released, cassette-only, out of print material, demos and new recordings, called Buzzin’. Currently, Fosco is working on two full length albums of new material and a full length covers album (of songs he likes) and smoking way way too many cigs and he knows it’s really bad and he’s scared of cancer.

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