9/26/17 – Kuinka Radio Add

Kuinka – Stay Up Late EP
(For fans of: Shook Twins, Elephant Revival, Paper Bird)

NACC Add date: 9/26/17

Track List

  1. Curious Hands
  2. Spaces
  3. Mistakenly Brave
  4. Warsaw

Focus tracks: ALL
FCC Warning: NONE (all songs are clean)
Label: Self-released

A reinvention rather than a refutation, the name Kuinka comes from the Finnish word for “how”; how does a band bristling with spirited creativity continue to evolve artistically and challenge themselves while staying true to their own roots? For Kuinka, the answer comes in the form of letting go: a joyful acquiescence to faith in their cumulative love of songwriting and shared experience, regardless of genre or instrumentation. Their 2014 debut The Wild North, which propelled the band out of the woods and on to stages across the country, was followed by their 2016 breakout LP The Heartland. Both albums were recorded at the famed Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville, WA (Fleet Foxes, Metric), and led to featured performances at dozens of festivals and several successful national headlining tours.

After fleshing out new songs in rehearsal, the band headed to a studio near Portland, OR with the trusted ears of longtime producer Jerry Streeter (Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers). The songs on their latest release Stay Up Late ring with the vibrancy of exploration and discovery. “We’ve spent our time as a band in pursuit of a unique sound that captures our energy and essence” says Zickler. “Once we came together and started work on the new singles, we knew it was time to redefine ourselves. We’d love for our music to be a soundtrack to adventure. The change represents finding your way, for both us and our listeners.”

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