9/19/17 – Ghost of a Gentleman Radio Add

Ghost of a Gentleman – Empty Room 
(For fans of: Brand New, Balance and Composure, Turnover, The Mezingers)

NACC Add Date: 9/19/17

Track List

  1. Empty Room
  2. The Habit of Falling
  3. Front
  4. Masquerade Ball
  5. Smothered
  6. Can’t Take This Anymore
  7. Tides
  8. Street Signs
  9. Ninteen Eighty Five
  10. Just Breathe
  11. Plastic Boy
  12. Garden State of Mind

Focus tracks: 2, 3, 4, 10
FCC Warning: Tracks 5 and 7 (explicit content)
Label: Self-released

Ghost of a Gentleman is a 4-piece alternative-punk band from northern New Jersey. The band draws influence from acts like Brand New and Title Fight, relying on raw, emotional climaxes blended with melodic verses to create a sound reminiscent of the hardcore punk scene of the mid-2000’s. In late December of 2016, the band suffered a devastating loss in the passing of vocalist and founding member James Kelly.  The band’s latest album Empty Room was released on February 24th, 2017, and is dedicated to James. Ghost of a Gentleman is the definition of a DIY band, building their own speaker cabinets, pedal-boards, lighting systems, and stage props, as well as producing, mixing, and mastering their music. The group is currently planning show dates for the fall and winter of 2017.

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