4/18/17 – No Middle Name Radio Add

No Middle NameNO MIDDLE NAME – Fondness LP
(For fans of: The Stone Roses, Belle and Sebastian, Blur, The Smiths)

NACC add date: 4/18/17

Track List

1. Love In Stereo Sound
2. Reject Club
3. Saturday Girl Sunday Boy
4. Television Soul
5. Topshop Shelf
6. Sister
7. The Boy Before
8. Fading Photo
9. Forget What You Know
10. Brother
11. Fondness

Focus Tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11
FCC Warning: Clean (All songs are FCC compliant)
Label: Self-released


No Middle Name ​started life as a solo project in 2012 when David Bailey’s band The Title Sequence took a break from playing live for the summer. It was at a party the same summer, Bailey met the guys from a small indie label based in Hull called Mollusc records. They hit it off and said they would release a solo record of anything he liked. Fate also brought Bailey the keys to a studio whilst the owner was away and a task of writing and recording an album in 7 weeks. The result was not the acoustic album they expected but an experimental dream pop album instead. The self titled album was released in October the following year on limited edition vinyl. Bailey also experimented with animation providing the video for the single ‘Another Season’ that was a hit with many music blogs.

No Middle Name

Bailey relocated from London to the seaside town of Hastings. Here he built his first ‘decent’ home studio and began work on the second album. This time he had no time restraints and a clear idea of what sort of album he wanted to make. A love letter to indie music. 16 tracks were finished and mixed, with 11 making the final record. Bailey’s distinctive songwriting ties together tunes in the mood of pure indie pop, shoegaze, 60s tinged jangly pop, krautrock and instrumental guitar freakouts

No Middle Name

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