10/13/17 – Juliana Wilson Radio Add

Juliana Wilson – Around Me
(For fans of: Lorde, Emma Louise, Oh Wonder, Fiona Apple)

NACC Add Date: 10/13/17

Track List

  1. Blah Blah Blah
  2. I Know A Girl
  3. Too Many Katies
  4. Watch Over Me
  5. Burn Through The Fire
  6. There’s You
  7. Around Me
  8. Right or Wrong
  9. Wide Awake

Focus tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8
FCC Warning: NONE (all songs are clean)
Label: 825 Records

In virtually every market ruled by younger prodigious talent, raw female recording artists with an introspective command for knowledge beyond their years are few and far between. Unbridled from preconceived notions and in possession of an advanced instinct comes Juliana Wilson; the now 14 year-old whose voice will solely build the path.

Discovered In November of 2014 by Brooklyn-based producer and artist development specialist Matty Amendola, he and his team at 825 Records immediately put Juliana to work. Aiding topics from ageless experiences to lyrical content riddled in sarcasm, Juliana’s warm and intimate tone surfaces forcibly through wide echos of ambient backdrops as well as dynamic indie-driven pop.

With content unique as it is relatable, Juliana’s visual storytelling sets the scene for any listener by combining universal narratives with conceptual standpoints through every song.

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